Dmitriy Porechnyi

My journey to becoming a professional photographer went through different stages. It began with me working as an editor for a publishing house where little by little I became interested in candid and landscape photography. At the same time I was doing a lot of photographic reportages. In 2013 I was admitted to the Russian Union of Art Photographers for my series of work in candid photography. Over time, I shifted into commercial photography. At first, it was personal portraits and photoshoots for actors, then I decided to dig deeper and improve my artistic skills . I immersed myself in various professional courses and attended master classes : School of photography White Studio, Academy of Photography and PhotoPlay School. New professional interests began to emerge and I got curious about some new aesthetics. My real passion for fashion photography sparked whilst working on some art projects with my collaborators and I became a keen fashion photographer ever since. I rarely put my camera down and continue to constantly improve my professional skills.

Fast forward to today, I take a great interest in creating fashion-shoots: editorials, lookbooks, shoots for brands and model tests - that is the specialization of my site.

I am now based in Moscow and very open to various collaborations.